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Welcome to PARTY & BOOTHISSH LLC, your one-stop destination for bringing the magic of photo booths to your events. We specialize in turning ordinary gatherings into extraordinary celebrations that everyone will cherish for years to come.

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Party Booth Rental Edison NJ
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My wife and I embarked on a heartfelt journey to establish a family business that would serve as a cherished legacy for generations to come. Our motivation behind this venture was rooted in the realization that our full-time jobs demanded a significant portion of our time and energy, often leaving us with limited opportunities to be together.

We yearned for a way to not only spend more quality time as a couple but also to build something remarkable that we could call our own. Our shared passion for helping and entertaining people played a pivotal role in shaping our business idea. We saw the potential of a photo booth rental as a means to fulfill this aspiration.

The allure of the photo booth rental lies in its ability to help people create and capture special moments. It allowed us to be a part of their joyous occasions, whether it was a wedding, a birthday celebration, or any other memorable event. Witnessing the smiles, laughter, and genuine happiness of our customers as they posed for photos filled us with immense satisfaction.

Furthermore, by dedicating ourselves to this venture, we realized that we were not only building something special for ourselves but also contributing to the happiness of others. Our family’s involvement in the business meant that we could all partake in the process of creating our lasting legacy.

This endeavor not only brought us closer together as a family but also allowed us to leave a positive impact on the lives of those we served. Through the joy we provided, we were building more than just a business – we were constructing a legacy of happiness and cherished memories that would endure for years to come.


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At PARTY & BOOTHISSH LLC, we offer a variety of services to cater to all your event needs. Our party booth rentals and picture booth rentals are perfect for any occasion. We provide photo booths for corporate events and birthday parties, ensuring your event is a memorable one. For those planning weddings, our photobooths for weddings are a popular choice. We also offer custom photo booth services to match your event’s theme and style.

Find photo booth rental services near Edison, NJ, and enjoy the convenience of having a reliable rental company nearby. Whether you are looking for a photo booth rental company in Edison, NJ, or need a picture booth rental for a corporate event in Edison, NJ, PARTY & BOOTHISSH LLC is your go-to choice. Where can I rent a party booth for a wedding? Right here, close to you, in Edison, NJ.

Contact us today to request a quote, and let us help you capture memories that will last a lifetime.









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Corporate Events

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Our photo booths capture genuine moments of joy, love, and unfiltered happiness at every event. We transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary memories.

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Endless Customization

Tailor Your Memories

Make every photo uniquely yours. With endless customization options, you can match each snapshot to your event’s theme, ensuring that every picture is a work of art.

Easy Booking

Seamless Reservations

Simplify the process with hassle-free booking and flexible payment options. Your journey to an unforgettable event begins with a few easy clicks.

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Discover our collection of unique booth styles, each designed to add its own touch of charm to your event. Whether it’s elegance, retro vibes, vibrant party themes, or corporate chic, you’ll find the perfect booth to complement your celebration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our prices vary depending on the location, the DATE, time and than the options you’d like. We don’t want to throw out a price until we explain to you the backdrop options, print packages, and anything custom you may interested in.

We have numerous styles and types of photo booths servicing the tri-state area, but they all share core elements and functions in common. They ALL use at LEAST a 24mp DSLR camera, allow you to choose a premium backdrop, allow you to customize the prints, have instant prints on the spot, have an online gallery of all images, tons of amazing quality and fun props, and on-site professional that helps and guides everyone and finally they all take amazing pictures and ensure everyone SMILES the whole time 🙂

People can walk right into the booth area, grab their props, see themselves on the touchscreen and start their session. The screen AND the attendant will walk them through getting ready, making sure they hit their pose and smile at the perfect moment. Their finished product appear on screen for review (and laughs) and instant prints come out – dry, waterproof, durable – for EVERYONE in the booth.

A digital copy goes online and if you purchased the scrapbook option – one goes in the hardcover book and guests sign a message.

We typically ask for 7ft x 7ft worth of space – total footprint. With more room we can spread out a bit and certainly won’t complain. With less room we can shrink and compress certain elements and still make it work. We’ve NEVER had a venue, bar, restaurant, park, home, boat etc where we couldn’t make it work. Over 3500 successful events – we’re extremely modular and flexible!

We ask to be near 1 regular 3-prong outlet (we draw very minimal power). We bring extension chords (25ft) but it’s always great to be near it.

If you have concerns or questions at all – call us. We’ll talk through it all with you, or have us call your venue and work it with them. We likely know them and have worked their before, if not we’ll gladly discuss it all.

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